Vital Technology Advantage

Recent technological innovations have driven companies of all sizes to outsource their IT infrastructure in order to focus on their core businesses. Small and medium businesses (SMB) are interested in outsourcing because of the inherent complexity of technology. Large enterprises choose outsourcing as a cost-reduction effort and to focus on strategic IT issues. This outsourcing trend has enabled service providers to offer enterprise-class services to their customers – thus relieving them of the financial and resource burdens associated with full-time IT infrastructure management.  When you choose to partner with Vital Voice & Data, you are choosing a company with a clear technology advantage.

Complete IT Infrastructure Management

We use a technology framework specially built for managed service providers that combines a remote management platform and a managed security services infrastructure. This infrastructure enables us to provide you with complete IT infrastructure management services, including providing security solutions to end-users in a secure, proactive, and cost effective manner. The platform architecture enables us to deliver services on Industry best practices and aggregates data into a web portal— your data related to assets, change management, alerts, trends, security, spam, reports on chats, browsing etc.

Transparent Technology That Will Not Affect Operations

We manage remote networks securely across the Internet or any public IP network without needing for setting up a VPN or opening ports of the firewall. Our advanced technology works transparently across NAT and cuts down the implementation complexities and time. Furthermore, it uses the SSH2 protocol in an outbound mode from inside the firewall, making it highly secured. Additional use of Certificates provides an extra-layer of protection over and above the encryption and security provided by SSH2.

Rock-solid Full Suite of Security Solutions

We offer a complete Life Cycle Management for IT assets like management and monitoring of desktops, servers, networks and applications. Our hosted security platform brings you an unmatched combination of e-mail, web and IM protection without you having to install or purchase any new hardware or software; protecting your network against viruses, spam, spyware, and inappropriate web usage.  In addition, our hosted service technology is constantly updated to keep your systems on the cutting edge… safe and secure.

No Capital Expenses Needed for Vital Technology Upgrades

Your biggest benefit would be service levels equivalent to rolling out a Top-Class Enterprise Management System within your organization without having to pay for the high capital outlay. Get a quick start without waiting for long implementation and training timelines. Work with industry best practice and processes without having to learn them. We believe you should be focusing on your core business, reducing costs, increasing profitability, gaining expertise and winning new customers. After all, you need to get a leap advantage over others by using a technology that is currently used by the likes of Sony, LG, and Carnegie Mellon University who use it to manage their IT infrastructure in many parts of the world.