Other Types of Attacks

Call Re-Direction: Sends all outgoing or incoming calls to an incorrect destination via unauthorized access to the call processor/manager

Information Theft: Data, including names and phone extensions, obtained via unauthorized access to voice mail servers or to the call processor/manager

Call Integrity Compromise: Altering or corrupting call content or modifying packet sequencing, thus degrading quality

Proventia® Enterprise Security Platform
The Proventia Enterprise Security Platform (ESP) from Internet Security Systems (ISS) is founded on the concept of preemptive protection and is easily and directly extendable to the security requirements for enterprise VoIP deployments.

Proventia ESP leverages the industry-leading security products and services from ISS within a framework that allows enterprises to identify vulnerabilities, prioritize the required protection, provide the necessary patching and ultimately report and benchmark on the overall security process.

The preemptive approach to security becomes more even relevant with VoIP deployments, since there is potential for new attack, and so few have been launched. Proventia ESP shields vulnerabilities from attack, ensuring voice system availability and sustained operations and productivity.

X-Force® Research
Internet Security Systems (ISS) is uniquely positioned in the security industry thanks to its X-Force security intelligence team, a group of 100 dedicated security engineers responsible for investigating, cataloging and providing guidance relative to evolving cyber threats and application vulnerabilities. The X-Force has compiled the industry’s largest proprietary security knowledge database and leverages this database in their role as an independent and unbiased advisor for the organizations they support.

The research conducted by the X-Force underpins and serves as the key differentiator for all of ISS’ security offerings. The X-Force has a dedicated research team focused on VoIP-related security issues, including vulnerabilities, attacks and protocols, and the results of this research and discovery are already embedded in the appliances and applications deployed by ISS today.