Marketing & Strategy Consulting

We can’t just build you a fancy new website and expect people to find it. Having a website without marketing it is akin to getting business cards made and keeping them in your desk drawer. Sure, they look nice, but who’s going to find them?

The next step is marketing your new storefront to your target customers. We leverage the latest proven technologies and devise a custom plan for you to broadcast your message to those who need to hear it. Our marketing plans focus on the digital world, but often encompass print and other offline media, depending on our customers’ preferences.

We measure the effectiveness of every prong of your marketing strategy to ensure that you are able to communicate your message in the most efficient way possible – the greatest exposure at a price that won’t break the bank. The goal of market analysis is to maximize your conversion rate – how efficiently you turn prospective customers into actual, paying customers.

Sample Marketing Services
Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Pay Per Click Advertising
Listing and Promotion in Local Directories
Online and Offline Ads
Print Advertising
Promotional Materials
Identity Design
Content Management
Blog Development

And Much More…

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