Hosted VoIP PBX

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, simply indicates using the Internet as the transmission method for voice or telephone communications, and can be incorporated as part of a PBX system. This can translate into significant savings if your company has a high outbound call volume to various areas of the nation or worldwide. With hosted VoIP PBX, the user does not incur the traditional fees and charges associated with these calls; instead the outbound calls function similarly to email, where there is a standard charge for usage but not for individual emails/calls.

A hosted VoIP PBX solution will work well for many companies. If your company uses web meetings to communicate, operates out of multiple locations, or utilizes mobile employees, this may be an ideal solution.

One distinct advantage to this technology is that upgrades can be seamlessly integrated into your system. Another component is that this type of system has many options and stand alone products. With so many variables, you’ll benefit from the assistance of a knowledgeable, reliable telecommunications advocate who can properly evaluate your choices. Choose Vital Voice and Data.